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 With the assurance of providing matchless after-sales and technical service, Vijay Enterprises offers minimum turn around time. In case of any breakdown, instrument failure analysis is carried out and appropriate solutions are recommended. We provide solutions against malfunctioning of instrument via Vijay Instrumentation Services within 2-4 working days. The team offering this service of repair are qualified, trained and experienced for the desired purpose. Vijay Enterprises takes optimum care of the customer’s after-sales product as well as technical concerns.

NABL Pressure Calibration

Vijay Instrumentation Services understands that accurate pressure measurements are quintessential to our customers' in-process safety, compliance and efficiency. The calibration lab infrastructure consisting of absolute pressure, gauge pressure and low-pressure vacuum is accredited by NABL. All the compliances and standards set by NABL are strictly followed. 

While calibrating process control instruments for pressure, you can be assured that our hydraulic and pneumatic pressure calibrations will be performed with the true S.I. unit traceability.

The pressure and vacuum calibrations are also ISO 9001 calibration-compliant by our highly trained technical staff and experts.

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