Vijay Enterprises is a pioneer in designing, developing and manufacturing of industry leading calibration equipment for varied applications in diverse industries. Possessing over 27 years of market presence, Vijay Enterprise has portrayed idealistic understanding of calibration needs for the industries it serves.

With the virtues of technical expertise and engineering know how, Vijay Enterprise has been successful in creating precision measuring instruments that are reliable, robust and accurate. Offering innovative solutions, superiorly engineered products, customer support, and unmatched commitment towards product development have made Vijay most preferred business companion for precision measuring and calibration instruments.

The key asset of the company – the workforce have contributed hugely to the success story of Vijay Enterprise. Backed by skilled and efficient professionals, Vijay Enterprise has grown its product portfolio catering various measurements and calibrations needs.

As quality control measurements continue to increase in industries across the globe, the demand for efficient and reliable equipment is growing.

At Vijay Enterprise, the objective is to design and develop products that are benchmark in itself. At every step, stringent processes are followed in order to maintain and enhance the quality of products. As the calibration instruments are used in varied applications and industries, the environmental parameters may differ; however, the products are designed and made to withstand toughest industrial conditions.

Repeated up-gradation of products and service as per national and international standards are carried out at Vijay Enterprises to sustain and set higher standard of accomplishments

Vijay Enterprises is not mere suppliers of measurement instruments but a proficient partner that offers comprehensive solutions that are customized and precisely designed for the exact requirement.

Vijay Enterprise has been catering to numerous industries for different measuring and calibration requirements. Be it power generation, chemical industries, oil & gas, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, biotechnology industries, or any other process and manufacturing industries; Vijay Enterprise has been providing most effective pressure gauges sufficing most complex requirements.

Pressure measurement solutions from house of Vijay Enterprise are components that are integral part of most of the business applications. As the technology is evolving at every horizon, the requirements have also taken different angles. Vijay Enterprise has been manufacturing most popular pressure calibration equipment for a variety of applications and industries.

The aspiration has always been to manufacture set of products that have assured reliability, high accuracy and extensive endurance at competitive prices; holding aesthetics that is appealing for complete satisfaction.

Vision :
To be industry leading manufacturer and solutions provider; thereby by enhancing system processes and pushing limits for better quality and reliability.

Mission :
Meet and exceed expectations of our customers, stakeholders and associates.
Enhance R&D and product development